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Date: June 5, 2000
Vol. IV, No. 11

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bulletIdeaForest.com Goes Live
bulletMichaels: Another Record Quarter
bulletA Health Scare For Crayons?
bulletHancock Profits Double
bulletJo-Ann Stores: Profits Up 26%
bulletSociety of Decorative Painters Convention
bulletMichaels.com To Debut Soon
bulletTrade/Consumer Show Reports
bulletMiscellaneous News
bulletE-Commerce Update
bulletThe Creative Network: Job Openings
bulletCreative Network: Jobs of the Month
bulletThe CLN Index In Mid May


Recently I visited the first Michaels store to open in Peoria, IL. VERY impressive. Much nicer than the nearest Michaels, about 40 miles away in Bloomington. Comparing the two stores is an excellent example of building a store to fit, versus moving into an existing structure and trying to make it fit.

If your impression of Michaels is based on an "old" store, you are probably underestimating the company.
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The much ballyhooed site is up and running. The main shopping areas are Home Accents, Needlework & Sewing, Scrapbooking and Rubber Stamping, Floral, Crafting for the Home, and General Crafts. ... The "Projects and Ideas" section includes Getting Started, Quick Projects, Advanced, Group Projects, What's Cool, and Gifts.

Price Examples. Folk Art paint for $1.09 ... Bucilla 14"x14" needlepoint kit for $28.99.

Features. Street Fair contains links to other sites for higher end art materials, decorative painting, florals, art prints and custom framing, quilt fabrics and supplies, gifts, needlepoint canvases, woodcarving ... "Live Help" is available 6am to 6pm PDT Monday-Friday ... There's a chat room, bulletin board, calendar, search engine, and "Making a Difference" -- stories about how craftpeople are making the world a better place ... For a limited time, the site is offering crafters free space to sell their projects.

People. The expert staff includes Carol Duvall, Priscilla Hauser, Kathy Lamancusa, Suzanne McNeill, Carol Scheffler, and Barbara Brabec -- each offering advice, projects, etc.
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Net income for the first quarter was $9.7 million, 30 cents/diluted share, up 87% from a year ago and five cents higher than analysts' estimates. Sales for the first quarter of 2000 rose 22% to $472.5 million; same-store sales increased 7%.

President/CEO Michael Rouleau said, "We are very pleased with our sales and profit performance for the first quarter of 2000. We posted an 86% increase over last year's net income, and are confident in our ability to produce another great year."

During the quarter, Michaels opened 26 Michaels stores and relocated 4. The company also opened 2 Aaron Brothers stores. The current store count is now 585.

In the conference call with analysts immediately following the release of the quarterly sales data, Rouleau said the supply side initiative, costing $4.5 million, is starting to show progress. The expected results -- higher profits and margins -- should begin to show up next year.

President/COO John Martin cited various categories for the increased sales: ribbon (+30%) and crafts (+26%) posted the largest increases; art supplies, seasonal goods, and framing showed double-digit growth. Scrapbooking, glass, and candlemaking were strong too, he said. Stores presently have about 36,000 everyday sku's and about 4,000 seasonal items.

Look for: Michaels to use the recently purchased Star Wholesale store as a way of testing higher-end products and cutting-edge designs for eventual sale in Michaels' traditional stores ... A major increase in distribution center space in two years ... Fewer ad inserts and in-store promotions, but more ROP newspaper ads.
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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that two government-certified labs found asbestos in crayons made by Binney & Smith, Dixon Ticonderoga, and Rose Art. Of 40 crayons that were tested from the three major brands, 32 were contaminated above trace levels. Binney & Smith makes the market leader, Crayola, and Dixon Ticonderoga manufactures the Prang brand.

Talc, a strengthening agent in crayons, was cited as the potential source. Binney & Smith's talc suppliers have certified that the talc is asbestos free.

Debbie Fanning, executive director of the Art and Creative Materials Institute, which certifies the crayons as safe with the AP and CP labels, told the Associated Press, "In children's materials, we do not allow any ingredients at a level that would be a hazard."

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said it had not heard of an asbestos problem with crayons, but would conduct its own tests. Neither the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry nor the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health were aware of any reports of asbestos-related health problems among people who make crayons, the Associated Press reported.

An asbestos researcher at the U. of Texas Health Center told the Associated Press the risk from asbestos is "correlated with it being fibrous and being free." If the fibers are stable or bound in wax they're "not a problem."

Binney & Smith spokesperson Tracey Muldoon Moran said, "We requested the newspaper's test results, as we are aware that there are different testing methods used by different research organizations when checking for the presence of asbestos. Although we already adhere to all safety standards issued by regulatory agencies that govern our industry -- and based on those standards our crayons pose no health risk -- we've already begun a thorough review of the talc used in Crayola crayons and will use all information provided as part of our review.

"If the experts, regulators, and evidence indicate a reason to modify ingredients ... we will do so," Moran added. "We've been a trusted name in countless households across the U.S. for over 100 years, and we intend to continue to earn that trust every day."

"We're not particularly concerned from the point of view of a health risk to children," said Robert Goetz of the Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center, the Akron Beacon Journal reported. "We're not going to recommend that parents make their kids stop using crayons until this is all settled out."

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer said the tests do not prove there is a health hazard and there are no reports of anyone becoming ill from eating or smelling/inhaling crayons. Nonetheless, crayon sales may be affected due to the media reports. For example, NBC News cited a Seattle daycare center which had removed crayons from the school, replacing them with watercolors.
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Sales for the quarter ended April 30 increased only 1.8% to $98.1 million, but net earnings increased to $2.2 million (12 cents/diluted share), compared with $1.1 million (6 cents). Good same-store sales, up 3.5%, and better margins were the reasons, CEO Larry Kirk said. Inventory and bank debt declines and price stability helped improve the company's position, too.

"The company also is benefiting from the store repositioning strategy, aggressive remodeling, and significant product mix changes that continue even now," Kirk said.

"The acquisitions of Northwest Fabrics and Mae's Fabrics have been fully integrated, and the disruptions of a national signage conversion are now behind us. For the first time in quite a while, we've been able to concentrate more on improving our everyday operations, and it's beginning to show," Kirk continued.

During the quarter, Hancock opened five stores and closed six. The current store count is 452 stores in 42 states.
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Net sales for the first quarter ended April 29 rose 10% to $325.4 million and same-store sales rose 5.6%. Net income was $2.9 million (16 cents/diluted share), compared to $2.3 million (12 cents). Operating profit ("EBIT") improved 45% to $11.6 million (3.6% of sales) and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization ("EBITDA") increased 30.6% to $20.5 million (6.3% of sales).

Chair/CEO Alan Rosskamm commented, "Our comparable store sales performance was driven by sales increases in both our hardlines and softlines businesses. Operating profit, as a percentage of sales, improved over 90 basis points due to better expense leverage from all areas.

"A key milestone in our infrastructure investment occurred during the first quarter, when we successfully transitioned to SAP Retail in March. We became the largest U.S. retailer, in terms of stores and SKU count, to be live on SAP enterprise-wide systems. We have encountered no major problems, but we still have much to do to extract the expected benefits from this system."

The company broke ground for its new distribution facility in Visalia, CA. It will eventually service all stores west of the Mississippi, Rosskamm said.

Officials said Jo-Ann's is on schedule with its planned real estate program: 15 superstore openings, 5 new traditional stores, and 5 traditional store relocations this year. During the quarter the company opened 4 superstores and 2 traditional stores, relocated 3 traditional stores and closed 5 traditional stores. Current count is 981 traditional stores and 46 Jo-Ann etc superstores.
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The SDP convention/show was very positive. "I was very pleasantly surprised about how good the show was," said Stan Brown of Stan Brown's Arts & Crafts. "I think it was my best so far."

Trends: Discounting! Becoming much more widespread. "It worries me that this wonderful show may turn into a flea market," one officer said. "But there's nothing for the Society to do -- this is the fair trade laws we are talking about." ... The buyers (from 20 countries) seemed very responsive to most things; one in particular was the Paintability concept by Tracia Williams and Tera Leigh.

Booth Promo: At Dick Blick's booth, there was a 5'6" white plaster pig, and as the show progressed, Ralph Scott painted a landscape on its side. It was the talk of the show and drew people back to the booth to see Scott's progress.

Classes: About 2200 registered for classes ... One of the most well received and talked about Special Events was Michelle Temares' Color Secrets seminar.

Officers: Betsy Edwards, President; VP/Pres. Elect: Mary Wiseman; and Treasurer, Jerry Kline (Eas'l Publications). At-Large board members: Audrey Gusmano, Joan Porter, Ann Johnson, and Sharryn Kneshtel. Returning Board Members: Doxie Keller, Andy Jones, Prudy Vannier, and Sheila Rouse.

News: Dues were increased from $30 to $35 for individuals and from $60 to $65 for businesses ... Membership has grown to 26,603 and should surpass 27,000 by year's end.

Awards: The Silver Palette to Gail Bonifay ... Dedicated Service to Vi Thurmon ... President's Commendation to Bev Marx ... The new Priscilla Hauser Business Award to Bill Stephan (Viking Publications).

Learn to Paint: The massive promotion (54,000 consumers painting a papier mache box on September 16th) created lots of excitement -- more chapters organizing classes at their local retail stores, etc.
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Michaels' CEO Michael Rouleau told stock market analysts Michaels.com will begin its e-commerce effort in July, with 20,000 art prints and posters. The site will begin selling craft kits and books in the fiscal third quarter.

The revamped site will begin in a few weeks with enhanced content, including many features such as free projects, a store locator, FAQ (frequently asked questions), etc. Judith Brossart, the former Editor of Crafts magazine, is consulting with the company and acting as Director of Content.

The current site is no slouch, either. In April, the site attracted 141,000 visitors and ranked 5,876th of the top 10,000 sites, according to PCDataOnline. In May the ranking was 8751st with 96,000 visitors.

An agreement is being negotiated with a distributor to handle the e-commerce fulfillment. Unlike some click and mortar operations, the 500+ Michaels stores will accept returns that had been ordered from Michaels.com.
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1. Japan Hobby Show. Not many U.S. exhibitors but a huge crowd of consumers and trade buyers, up from last year. Vendors can sell from their booths; many retailers and distributors use consumer reaction to influence their buying decisions. U.S. vendors were pleased, but needed an interpreter in the booth and the lack of badges made it difficult to distinguish consumers from trade buyers. Vendors said Japanese don't insist on "quick and easy" projects like U.S. consumers, although younger Japanese consumers are more like their U.S. counterparts. The consumer seems to prefer more sophisticated, understated designs. The trade buyers are more cautious and relationships will not happen overnight. The U.S. vendors we talked to raved about Tokyo, despite the expense, and plan to return next year.

2. The Stationery Show. Very busy -- 1,450 exhibitors in about 300,000 sq. ft. The attendance was about 18,000 with three other shows running simultaneously (design, home dec, furniture, etc.) ... There were a number of complaints that too many buyers were not traditional brick-and-mortar retailers ... Some exhibitors predicted that extensive consolidation among manufacturers was on the near horizon ... Numerous craft manufacturers walking the show ... Still a heavy overlap with memory -- most of the live demos related to scrapbooking. Word spread through the show that a paper company wrote $90,000 in orders the first day ... "This show is a great one for inspiration and fashion/design," said Richard Kennepaske of Delta. "I came back with a bunch of ideas that could be turned into product lines."

3. Quilt Market. From Kaye Wood: "Was terrific, as usual .... We picked up several European distributors. They were interested enough to actually take my "Take and Teach" classes so they will be prepared to answer shop owner questions. Shop owners seem very aware of what is shown on TV, and realize the benefits to their shop. We are trying to help them by letting them know ahead of time what we will be showing on PBS. Shop owners were more positive than ever, and there were lots of new ones.

4. MEMORIES EXPO. The first Expo in Chicago attracted 100+ booths, 341 trade buyers, and 3,232 scrapbookers. The next Expos are October 6-7 in Orlando and November 10-11 in Philadelphia. Call 740-452-4541, ext. 3141; fax 740-452-2552; email memories@offinger.com or surf to www.memoriesexpo.com.
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ACQUISITION. The assets of one of the industry's best known companies, Westrim, was sold to Bemiss-Jason, itself a manufacturer of craft, school, and office supplies. Westrim had been a major creditor of the old MJDesigns. Westrim President/CEO Gary Deitsch remains as President of the Westrim Division of Bemis-Jason.
FOR SALE, I. The intellectual property of Jean Farish Needleworks and Spirit of Cross Stitch, including all designs created from 1981-1999; rights to 14 instructional video tapes; a special interest video on antique needlework tools; and the 13-part TV show, which can be syndicated. It also includes the service mark protected name, Spirit of Cross Stitch. Call Joe Carroll at 336-474-6506.
FOR SALE, II. The Wolfe Pack line of outdoor adventure and sports papers for scrapbooking. 100+ skus. Customer base of 400+ stores. Has the Creating Keepsakes' "Approved Product" seal and won the Golden Scissors award two years in a row. Call President Laury Wolfe, in confidence, at 800-331-9941; fax 303-684-0178; email info@wolfe-pack.com. See the line at wolfe-pack.com.
MAY SALES. Same-store sales figures were mixed for retailers. Retailers connected to our industry: Michaels, +8% ... Wal-Mart, +7.3% ... Ames, +1.8% ... Target, +1.5%.
ACCI. Take the survey at the redesigned website, accicrafts.org. And on June 15th you'll be able to see an interactive floor plan of the ACCI show which allows a buyer to plan his/her navigation of the show floor. There will be an extensive listing of exhibitors' show specials, too.
SHOWS. The prospectus for the HIA show, January 28-31 in Anaheim, has been mailed. The priority point deadline is June 23rd; the deadline for workshop reservations and "SuperShop" proposals is July 21. Call 201-794-1133; fax 201-797-0657; email hia@ix.netcom.com; surf to www.hobby.org.
HOME DEC. Plaid, Sherwin Williams, and Disney have created "Disney Color", a line of home dec products -- paints, stencils, borders, decorative stamps, etc. -- to be released this summer. Sherwin Williams will offer room paint in satin and semi-gloss.
ALLIANCE. Janlynn is now the exclusive North American distributor for ARTY's/Sinoart and ARTY'S is the exclusive distributor for Janlynn products in most of Europe. There will be 48-hour order turnaround on both continents, officials promise.
STOCK. PMG and Southwest Securities reiterated coverage of Michaels at Buy.
KIDS. Zany Brainy reported a net loss of $5 million for the first quarter, compared to last year's $1.4 million, due in part to same-store sales dropping 23%. The rival Zany is buying, Noodle Kidoodle, said same-store sales fell 15%. Officials at both companies attributed the declines to a drop in sales of Beanie Babies. Zany's acquisition of Noodle Kidoodle is expected to be completed this summer.
xINRG. The International Needleart Retailers Guild's trade show is July 28-30 in Charlotte, N.C. Education programs begin July 26, and the annual Ginnie Awards, sponsored by the Charted Designers of America, will be held in conjunction with INRG's social gathering, "Block Party 2000", on July 27. Call 706/628-5684; fax, 706/628-4475; e-mail, NMItradesh@aol.com; or surf to www.stitching.com/nmi.
PEOPLE. Industry veteran Pete Rutley is Sales & Marketing VP for Allstate Floral & Craft ... Syndicate Sales hired Marla O'Dell as Product Development Director ... Bill Shugarts is the Arts & Crafts Manager in the Consumer Products Division for Reynolds Metal Company ... Steve Wiggins is the new VP of Sales for Artis ... Steve Morowski is the Senior Kids Buyer for Michaels ... Denise Miller is Packaged Products Manager for Accu-Cut ... Bruce Cottew, NAMTA's Executive Director has resigned.
JOBS, I. One of our favorite people in the industry, Linda Walter, has been promoted by FPC to National Sales Manager of the Hardware Division. She'll continue to oversee the Floral & Craft Division. Now she needs to find a replacement for herself as the National Sales Manager of the Floral & Craft Division. Fax resumes to Linda at 847-487-0174. Responsibilities include working with key accounts, wholesalers, sales reps, trade shows, etc.
JOBS, II. An Eastern manufacturer needs an Internet/Customer Service Assistant. Needs someone with a degree, perhaps a bit of professional experience, and an understanding of the Internet -- but it's not a technical position ... Northeast craft manufacturer is looking for a domestic sales manager. Experience in the craft and toy industries is desirable. Some travel required. For more info, call Mike Hartnett, in confidence, at 309-925-5593 or email mike@clnonline.com.
PEOPLE. California-based industry pro experienced in sales management, key accounts, special markets, brand management, sourcing, purchasing and product development ... 20+ industry years experience in sales, marketing, licensing, etc. Can relocate. Call Mike Hartnett, in complete confidence, for more info on both people.
NEW STORES. Zany Brainy opened stores in Dayton, OH; Mira Mesa and La Mesa, CA; Tulsa, OK; and Orlando, FL. The Orlando store is the company's first in Florida; a second Orlando store should open later this year. The current store count is 109.
NEEDLEWORK. Michaels is changing its needlework department. A vendor said, "More racks to pack more stuff on the wall.... Now A.C. Moore is pulling these type racks off the wall; they said consumers don't like needlework this way! Well, tell me which one is correct?"
BANKRUPTCY. World Bazaar is in liquidation. Assets will be auctioned June 16.
INTERNATIONAL. In a speech at the annual meeting of the International Council of Shopping Centers, John Menzer said Wal-Mart's international division will undergo tremendous expansion. Annual sales are currently $23 billion. Menzer, the former President of the old Ben Franklin and now President/CEO of the discounter's international division, pointed to China, South America, and Europe as the major targets. Even Turkey and Africa are in the plans. Currently Wal-Mart is constructing a subterranean store below a soccer field and stadium in China, Menzer added.
TV, I. Cutter Productions has released the new 800 Series of For Your Home to PBS. It will air throughout the summer and fall in 125+ markets. Underwriters include Bernina, Delta, DecoArt, Nielsen & Bainbridge, and Armour Products ... Cutter will release the new 400 series of GLASS with Vicki Payne in early July. Underwriters include Fletcher-Terry, Cooper Tools, Cascade Metals, Plaid, Glastar, and Armour Products.
TV, II. Quilting From the Heartland (series 1000), "A Slice of Quilted Spice" with Shar Jorgenson uplinks July 30th. Call your PBS station. Sponsors are McCall's Quilting, Fiskars, Viking Sewing Machines, Dritz, Gammill, Sulky, Viking Distributors, and Rowenta.
CROCHET. Annie's Attic will host the premier consumer crochet event, Crochet Renaissance 2000, at the Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel in Philadelphia, September 7-10. There will be a merchants' mall with almost 60 vendors, and 110+ classes taught by Annie Potter, Lily Chin, Lydia Borin, Gloria Tracy, and other top teachers. There's an autograph party, a banquet, and a breakfast with crochet historian Nancy Nehring. For registration or exhibit info, write to Crochet Renaissance 2000, 1 Annie Lane, Big Sandy, TX 75755; call 800-AT-ANNIE; or surf to www.CrochetRenaissance.com.
SALE? Gillette is in exclusive negotiations with Newell Rubbermaid to sell its stationery businesses, including Paper Mate, Parker, Waterman, and Liquid Paper lines. Gillette said it expects negotiations to continue for several weeks. Newell owns Berol, among other lines ... ShopKo is purchasing the 49-store chain, Place Stores, for about $22 million and assuming $19 million in debts; it will make it part of the Pamida division, increasing Pamida's square footage by 36%. Pamida operates 165 stores. The Place outlets are in MO, IA, KS, and IL.
QUOTATION: "Too many people in the industry -- chains, distributors, retailers -- are trying to make money off each other rather than the consumer."
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CORRECTION. In our last issue we printed an incorrect url. It should have been www.alpineimport.com, the e-commerce site for Alpine Import.

JAPANESE SITE. American-Craft.com sells U.S. products in Japan. Current U.S. companies are Accents Unlimited, AMACO, Craft House, Delta, Design Originals, Endar, Lotus California, Needle Magic, Plaid, St. Louis Trimming, Toner Plastics, Walnut Hollow, and Westwater. Individual products are sold to consumers, and power panels and such are sold to retailers and distributors. The site is operated by Dean's Inc. in Hawaii and New Approach Inc. -- the company led by industry veteran Peter Russo. The operation is structured to be an "overseas office" for U.S. manufacturers. Contact Sandy Lee and Wayne Kamitaki, 333 Kilauea, Ste. 2145, Hilo, Hawaii, 96720. 808-933-1908; fax 808-933-19090; email contact@american-craft.com.

CRAFTOPIA. Has started a Community Gallery were consumers can exhibit their projects. Go to http://www.craftopia.com/shop/link16.asp.

CRAFTCLICK. Purchased its 15th site, CraftCentralStation.com, a portal site based in Alberta, Canada, which boasts approximately 100,000 unique users/month and 15,000 registered members. CraftClick will immediately add "integrated e-commerce functionality." ... Started an affiliate program whereby other online retailers and content providers can earn commissions on CraftClick product sales.

CRAFTIDEAS.COM. A portal site sponsored by Clapper Communications. It contains info about Clapper magazines, free projects, tips, chat rooms, bulletin boards, contests, and a small e-commerce section. The site has won numerous awards and attracted 285,502 visitors in its most recent month.

TOYS. Toysmart.com, an educational toy online retailer, is ceasing operations.

ACQUISITION. eHobbies.com completed a deal to acquire NextPlanetOver.com, an e-commerce site featuring comics and action figures.
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The only personnel recruitment firm specializing in our industry has the following job openings. For more information, call 360-834-0802; fax 360-834-0702; Email jessica@creativenetworkinc.com; or check the website at www.creativenetworkinc.com.

Atlantic: Sr. Product Manager (school, home-office) ... Product Manager/Marketing Manager (crafts).
Mid Atlantic: Sales/Marketing VP (crafts/soft goods) ... Sr. VP Marketing (crafts/soft goods).
Mid West: Creative Director (crafts/gift) ... Copy writer (crafts/gift catalogs sales, collateral materials) ... Art Director -- catalogs, newsletters (crafts/gift) ... Art Director -- Products (crafts/gifts) ... Art Director -- Books (crafts/gifts) ... Art Director -- Marketing (advertising experience) ... Art Director -- Website - (crafts/gift).
New England: Asst. Art Director - (sourcing artwork, work with artists) ... Designer/Production (understand pre-press, create stationery line).
North Central: Licensing Manager (write, negotiate contracts) ... Licensing Manager (manage the creative process) ... Designers -- 10 positions (gifts, collectibles, toys, ornaments) ... Copy Writers -- 3 positions (brochures, catalogs, magazine inserts, packaging) ... 3D Graphic Artist (design consumer products) ... National Account Sales (gifts, specialty accounts) ... Sr. Designer/Product Development (dolls, plush) ... 3D Designer/Product Development ... Group Marketing Manager (direct marketing experience) ... Direct Marketing Manager - 3 positions.
Pacific: New Product Manager (marketing experience) ... Design Coordinator (clothing, must have sourcing experience) ... Product/Project Manager (manage production).
South Atlantic: National Sales Manager (gifts, specialty accounts).
South Central: Sales/Marketing (gifts/home dec).
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Position: Asst. Art Director ... Location: Woodstock, VT ... Salary: $45-50K Company: Contracts with artists and museums for the rights to produce artwork as posters, and acts as a licensing company to place artists' work with a wide variety of manufacturers ... Description: Assist in taking new art up to where it is picked up by the production staff as a "go" project; work with graphic designers; responsible for follow-through with artists; assist in discovering and developing marketable artwork for print publishing and art licensing; help research artists and artwork; and develop working relationships with artists.

Position: National Sales Manager ... Location: Florida ... Salary: $78-88K, +bonus and benefits ... Description: Direct sales activities for the gift and specialty distribution channels; develop industry-specific merchandising programs for all product lines; work with marketing and product development departments; hire, train, and manage rep firms; build and direct the emergence of Internet business-to-business e-commerce; forecast quarterly and annual sales volume; and manage national trade shows, events, and budgets ... Required: Sales experience in the gift and specialty channels.

For more information, contact The Creative Network at 360-834-0802.
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A. C. Moore (ACMR). Last*: 5 7/8 ... Change**: UNC
Ames (AMES). Last*: 11 9/16 ... Change**: -3 1/4
Hancock Fabrics (HKF). Last*: 4 11/16 ... Change**: +3/8
Jo-Ann Stores (JAS.A) [a]. Last*: 9 5/16 ... Change**: +5/16
Michaels (MIKE). Last*: 44 15/16 ... Change**: +1 7/16
Rag Shops (RAGS). Last*: 2 3/16 ... Change**: + 1/8
Wal-Mart (WMT). Last*: 59 1/16 ... Change**: +2 3/16
CLN Retail Index. Last*: 137.625 ... Change**: +0.9%
Dow Jones Index. Last*: 10,794.76 ... Change**: +1.7%
* June 2 ** from May 12 [a] voting share Note: Prices are exclusive of dividends

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Note: Creative Leisure News is published on the first and third Mondays of each month; your next issue will be Monday, June 19th.

Have any rumors you need checked? Company news or comments on industry issues? Call Mike Hartnett, in confidence, at 309-925-5593; fax 309-925-9068; or Email to mike@clnonline.com.
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