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Creative Leisure News
306 Parker Circle
Lawrence, KS 66049
Phone: 785-760-5071
Email: mike@clnonline.com




Creative Leisure Communications offers a wide variety of services for businesses of all types and sizes, whether they're already involved in the industry or are considering entering the marketplace.

President Mike Hartnett has been reporting on the craft industry for more than 20 years and consulted with a wide variety of clients.

"Because of my unique perspective as a long-time industry journalist, I have seen and know why hundreds of companies have failed -- and hundreds of others have succeeded."


bullet26+ years experience in the industry
bulletMember of the Board of Directors of the Craft & Hobby Association
bulletPublisher of Creative Leisure News
bulletColumnist for Scrapbook Retailer magazine
bulletAuthor of A Basic Guide To the Craft Industry
bulletAuthor of Crafters & The Internet, An Informal Survey
bulletFormer columnist for Craft Supply Magazine and CNA magazines.
bulletFormer Editor of Profitable Craft Merchandising
bulletFormer publisher of Craftrends and founder of Craftrends Today
bulletServed six years on the board of directors of the Hobby Industry Association
bulletLectured at craft, needlework, painting, sewing, floral, and ceramic trade shows and other industry events in the U.S., Canada, Asia, and Europe
bulletQuoted by the Wall Street Journal and other major media
bulletWon awards by the National Society of Business Press Editors


bulletOverviews and in-depth analyses of the industry
bulletEditorial. Improving your books, magazines, and catalogs
bulletMarketing. Bringing markets and products together
bulletMarket Research. Customized market studies for specific product categories and companies
bulletMergers & Acquisitions. Bring buyers and sellers together
bulletNewsletters. Writing custom-designed newsletters


Mike has extensive contacts with the top industry consultants in other areas and will be happy to make referrals

bulletCustomized consumer research
bulletGraphic Design
bulletPublic Relations
bulletEmployee Training
bulletProduct Development
bulletWebsite Construction

There is no charge for an initial consultation. Call 309-925-5593 or Email mike@clnonline.com.



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